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Estate Planning Techniques

The field of Estate Planning is all encompassing to allow individuals to meet their personal, financial and legal needs during and after their lifetime, benefiting themselves, their family and loved ones. The basics of Estate Planning should begin once a person is of legal age, to familiarize them of the concepts, and for long term well-being.

We provide a free general outline of some of the major Estate Planning Documents, dealing with Health Care, Financial and Testamentary Issues. The outline concentrates on certain types of documents and is not conclusive. The names and types of documents may change from State to State, or upon the re-titling by a practitioner.

Legal documents should be modified to meet with an individual’s needs and desires, to protect them, their family and their loved ones. In most situations, a legal document can be revoked and/or modified if there is a change in circumstances, needs and desires.

The consequences of the failure to plan, may result in unnecessary Court proceedings, and State Law determining what should happen to you and your Estate, during and after your demise.

To download a PDF copy of Estate Planning Techniquesclick here.