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2021 Medicaid Desk Reference

Resource Allowance for an Individual:   $15,900.Resource Allowance for a Couple:  $23,400.
Some of the General Resource Disregards: Homestead up to $906,000 in equity (2020 rate) although there is the potential for an Estate Recovery against the value of the home, Retirement Accounts in pay status, Personal Property, $1,500 Burial Allowance (by bank account or life insurance), Burial Space, Pre-Paid Burial and Funeral under an Irrevocable Contract.
Services Provided and Budgeting:  The Medicaid Program offers many programs; the following is a sampling of the Programs.
Community Based Home Care Program
Care in the community (i.e., your home), based upon a person’s medical and custodial needs.  Includes but is not limited to medically necessary care not covered by Medicare, and aides for custodial care.30 Month Look Back Period back to October 1, 2020 and Transfer Penalty Rule, subject to implementation after the end of the federal state of emergency per Department of Health Guidance (potentially into 2022).

Income Allowance for an Individual: $884.

Income Allowance for a Couple: $1,300.

No guaranteed level of assets or income to be retained by spouse not on Medicaid, unless Spousal Impoverishment Rules apply.

Spousal Refusal Required.

Nursing Home Care

All levels of custodial and skilled care in a nursing facility.

Income Allowance for an Individual, the “Monthly Personal Needs Allowance”: $50.

Spousal Monthly Minimum Maintenance Needs Allowance (“MMMNA”): $3,259.50.

Minimum Community Spouse Resource Allowance (“CSRA”): $74,820.

Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance (“CSRA”): $130,380.

60 Month Look Back Period and Transfer Penalty Rules apply.

Spousal Refusal Required if Non-Applying Community Spouse Has Assets or Income over the allowable MMMNA or CSRA.

2020 Local Regional Rates:
Long Island $13,837. New York City $13,037.

Assisted Living Program

Only in participating Facilities that participate in the program.  Eligibility follows the rule for community care.

Estate Recovery

Applies to the assets of a deceased Medicaid Recipient over age 55, as to assets subject to Court intervention.  Applies to the assets in a Payback Supplemental Needs Trust of a deceased Medicaid Recipient of any age.


NOTE: The above is merely information and not legal advice. It is based upon New York and Federal Laws. You should contact us for any changes or updates in the law. Future changes in the law may render the above information inaccurate.

Information as of March 1, 2021.